Constitution and Rules

  1. The Association shall be called Comber Wildfowlers and Conservation Association, and this title shall be strictly adhered to at all times. The Association shall have a President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Conservation I Vermin Control Officer, and other members. All Officers shall be fully paid up members, and may be honorary. Vice Presidents within the Association must be members for at least 15 years.

  2. The Association Committee shall consist of six officers of the Association and a minimum of 2 and other members. The quorum shall be not less than five. There shall be monthly meetings and also the Secretary, at the request of any three members of the Committee, shall forthwith call a Committee meeting on seven days' notice. All Officers and Committee members shall hold office for one year. And be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee has the power to co-opt other members on the Committee when necessary.

  3. It is the object of the Association to promote and protect the sport of shooting and wildfowling in particular and members shall at all times do their utmost to further the aims of all field sports societies.

  4. The Committee's ruling shall be final in all respects relating to the administration of the Club, and the Committee from time to time may make rules for the use and maintenance of the Association's rights and property.

  5. The Committee shall, on proof to its satisfaction and at its absolute discretion have power to expel any member whomsoever, whose conduct (whether through act or omission) it considers to be contrary to the best interests of Comber Wildfowlers and Conservation Association, or detrimental to the good name of the sport of wildfowling or shooting. The member shall be invited to appear before the Committee to explain any alleged misconduct.

  6. The Committee shall have power to introduce any forms of work rota, which it considers necessary. Failure to honour any such rota arrangement may lead to whatsoever disciplinary action the Committee shall decide.

  1. The decision of the Committee on any matter not specifically provided for in the foregoing rules shall be final.

  1. All applications for membership shall be made in writing and shall be signed by the candidate and the election shall be at the discretion of the Committee. New applicants may be accepted at the Associations meeting in February. All new members will serve a probationary period of one year, the terms of which will be explained to them at interview. Probationers MUST do work days.

  1. Associate Membership is limited to any person who may wish to attend Association lectures etc. and anyone holding such membership has no vote in affairs relating to the policy or general conduct of the Association.

  2. A member desiring to withdraw from the Association must give notice in writing to the Secretary.

  3. Every member shall be furnished with a copy of the constitution, objectives procedures and rules of the Association. All members will be bound by the rules and procedures applicable during their membership.

  4. Each applicant when becoming a member of the Association hereby gives consent that his/her personal information may be transferred between serving officers of the committee and any future committees.

  5. All full members shall hold a current firearms Certificate.

  6. The Association will only endorse member's firearm certificate re-grant applications providing the member has served a period of membership for a minimum of one year.

  7. No person shall be allowed to participate in any Association shooting activities unless he be a fully subscribed member, other than at an open event.

  8. No person shall be allowed to use any lands over which the Association has shooting rights unless he is a full member.

  9. A member shall not pass the limits over which the Association has shooting rights, except to recover game or wildfowl shot on, or over the Association's land and then only with the previous consent of the adjoining occupier.

  10. Member’s dogs must be kept under control and not allowed to interfere with the sport of others on the shoot. All members must ensure that their dogs do not chase livestock.

  11. The shooting seasons of the Association shall be in accordance with the Laws and Byelaws applicable in the Association's areas for shooting.

  12. Every member and Officer of the Association shall carry whilst engaged on any Association activity a current signed membership card which is not transferable and must be produced on demand by any Association Officer, land owner or any authorised person. The membership card shall be signed by or on behalf of the membership Secretary and by the member himself.

  13. It is the responsibility of every member to report any contravention of these rules to the Committee. The Association shall hold no responsibility in respect of any accident or mishap, which may arise out of the activity of members or visitors on any of the shooting grounds.

  14. The annual subscription for shooting members, junior membership, membership renewal, associate membership and all other fees will be posted. The President, Vice-Presidents and members over 60 years of age (with ten years' continuous full Association Membership) shall receive Honorary Membership. Membership Renewal must be paid by the end of the Association meeting in February.

  1. Every member must comply with the rules and procedures of the Association and any infringement may result in the implementation of the associations disciplinary procedures. The Association committee will appoint a subcommittee which, on proof to its satisfaction and in its absolute discretion, shall have the power to discipline or expel any member, whomsoever, whose conduct (whether by act or omission) it considers to be contrary to the best interests of the association, or detrimental to the good name of the sport of shooting. The member shall be notified of the subcommittee's decision within seven days of their decision. The committee shall have the power to suspend a member with immediate effect from involvement in association activities pending the outcome of any disciplinary process or appeal. The member shall be given 14 days in which to notify the committee of their wish to appeal the decision. The committee will then notify the Joint Council who will establish a subcommittee independent of the Comber Association. This subcommittee will review the decision on the basis of procedural fairness. This will either result in the decision being upheld or referred back to the Comber Association to consider the matter again with a new sub Committee taking account of any concerns raised by the Joint Council Committee. The decision of this subcommittee will be final. The member shall be notified of the appeal committee's decision within seven days. The member shall remain a member of the association until the process is concluded.

  2. Any member appearing on the Grey List shall pay a fixed penalty in lieu of work before obtaining an Association Permit to shoot Strangford Lough.

  3. Any member who is in arrears with his subscription may at the absolute discretion of the Committee have his membership terminated. Any terminated member desiring readmission shall pay in addition to the annual subscription fee a fixed administration fee.

  4. The Treasurer shall pay all monies received by him on behalf of the Association into a current banking account in the name of the Association and all cheques drawn on such account shall be signed by the Treasurer and a member of the Association appointed by the Committee. In addition the Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate records of all financial transactions of the Association and shall prepare annual accounts to be submitted to the Association at its Annual General Meeting, together with a balance sheet certified by auditors appointed by the Committee.

  5. The Trustees must be fully subscribed Association members. The number of Trustees shall not be more than four and not less than two and the property of the Association, other than monies in the control of the Honorary Treasurer shall be vested in them. They shall hold office until death or resignation unless removed from office by a resolution in a General Meeting. They shall deal with the property of the club as directed by resolution of the Committee. Of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence and they shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Association property. If it shall be necessary to appoint a new or additional Trustee for any reason, The Association in General Meeting shall ~ resolution nominate such person.

  6. In the event of the Association being wound up and ceasing to exist, the assets thereof shall be realised and after payment of the Association's just debts and expenses the balance of the monies realised (if any) shall be distributed to a nominated charity or charities as determined by a majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting of the Association shall resolve.

  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held between the lst and 3lst January in each year. Properly audited accounts shall be published to the members at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given in writing to all members not less than fourteen days before such a meeting. The notice shall contain the Agenda and no other business (except with the Chairman's permission) shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. The Chairman shall have power to call a Special General Meeting on seven days written notice stating the purpose of such a Special General Meeting and also the Secretary on receipt of a written request signed by ten members shall forthwith call on seven days' notice a Special General Meeting is to be called, and the notice convening the meeting shall state fully the business to be transacted thereat. No other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

  1. Resolutions at all Committee and General Meetings shall be decided by a show of hands. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  1. These Rules shall be altered only at a General Meeting or a Special Meeting of the Association called for that purpose. A notice of Motion detailing any alteration of these Rules, must be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. Rules version as at January 2015